Upcoming Santa Maria Elks Rodeo talks security after deadly England bombing

Upcoming Santa Maria Elks Rodeo talks...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Monday's deadly bombing could have people feeling uneasy about the security at public events--public events like the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo that's coming to Santa Maria next week.

KCOY 12's Sean Larsen reached out to learn what the rodeo is doing to make sure people feel safe.

The rodeo is sending a strong message --"Not at our rodeo." Today the rodeo is going over security measures they have in place after what happened at that concert in Manchester yesterday.

Elks Rodeo officials says they have several law enforcement agencies that will be on hand including the Sheriff's Office, Santa Maria Police Department, and undercover officers.

"It [the rodeo] brings the community together," Jose Arellano with the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo said. 

Thousands of people are expected to turn out and Jose Arellano with the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo says with the deadly bombing in Manchester during an Ariana Grande concert Monday night, security is on their mind.

"Oh it's just tragic," Arellano said. "We have our own private security company that we hire, we work along with the Highway Patrol for traffic control, we have the Sheriff's Mounted Unit, Santa Maria Police, undercover officers." 

They do metal detection with an electric wand at the entrance. Pocket knives are not allowed.

"We have emergency plans set in place in case something does happen," Arellano said. 

Each rodeo event is about two hours.

"We have production meetings before each performance where we go over every second, we know exactly what takes place every second, our security is involved, our gates people are working very closely with security," Arellano said. 

Arellano says they haven't had any security issues before and plan to keep it that way.

"It's a tradition where families come and bonds here, they can leave that stuff at home or elsewhere, we don't need it here," Arellano said. "I hope everybody feels safe and enjoys their time here with us." 

The rodeo kicks off on July 1st and goes through the 4th. Tickets are still available at 805-925-4125 or

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