Super chlorination of water completed in Montecito

Boil water warning remains in place

MONTECITO,Calif. - A critical step in returning water service to all of Montecito is now complete. Over the last week, most customers experienced highly chlorinated water in their homes.

The Montecito Water District has completed the process of disinfecting the water system using the super chlorinated water.

The super chlorinated water has been flushed from the system and testing is underway. 

The boil water notice remains unchanged. 

The Department of Drinking Water requires that two consecutive 24-hour bacteriological tests be conducted. One set of tests was completed on Sunday with the second test to be conducted on Monday.

The Montecito Water District says they anticipate the tests will be completed successfully. 

If the smell of chlorine at your tap is stronger than usual, they recommend homeowners open a hose bib on the exterior of the house or the cold water tap in your bathtub and flush the water and service line at full blast for at least five minutes or until chlorine levels return to normal.

If chlorine levels do not return to normal you should contact the Montecito Water District at 805-969-2271.

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