Recent theft prompts question about Santa Maria Town Center parking security

Recent theft prompts question about Santa Maria Town Center parking security

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The lack of security cameras inside one popular Santa Maria parking structure is worrying residents that use it following a recent car vandalism and theft.

On Friday night, the Franco sisters went to see a movie at the Santa Maria Town Center. They parked in the garage close to the courthouse, expecting their pickup truck to be secure. 

When Lucy and Veronica came out, someone had stolen their tail lights and the tailgate was damaged.

"Me and my mom went the next day to see security cameras to see if we could see any details of it for the lights and they said they have no security cameras," Lucy Franco says. 

As her car remains on their Orcutt driveway until she gets the lights replaced, Lucy wants answers.

"That just got me thinking they just put in the new trampoline thing for the kids.. how are you supposed to see.. say god forbid a kid was taken, or a girl or anyone - there's no surveillance to see who took it or anything," Franco explains.

But the city says cameras would just not be viable in the garages; their pod system is strategically placed in areas that experience high amounts of crime. 

In order to move a pod to the garage, they would have to weigh out the risks of moving it from its current position.

A city spokesperson says the garages are patrolled by park rangers and the police department and they have recently installed new LED lights to make the garage brighter.

But for the Francos - that's not enough. They wonder what would have happened if they came back to their car while the vandals were still there.

"I'm just thankful that we didn't walk out and that we're fortunate enough to be able to fix the car but say a mom working night shifts to provide for her baby and she gets that stolen.. that's a much bigger situation you know what I mean? So I think something needs to be done," Franco says. 

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