Preliminary causes for Stone Fire, Tower Fire, Hill Fire, Spring Fire released

Rash of recent fires in SLO County causing concern

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Rumors that the string of fires that have recently affected areas of San Luis Obispo County are arson has caught the attention of fire officials who say that's not the case.

"While we acknowledge the fact that the fires have been frequent and unnerving, none of the fires in San Luis Obispo County have evidence to support arson as a cause," said Cal Fire San Luis Obispo in a statement.

While the fires remain under investigation, the recent concerns from the community regarding these fires have prompted Cal Fire to release preliminary causes for the fires. They are as follows:

Hill Fire cause - Unintentional. A vehicle fire spread into the vegetation.

Tower Fire cause - Unintentional. A vehicle fire spread into the vegetation.

Stone Fire cause - Unintentional. Mechanical equipment clearing brush ignited the vegetation.

Spring Fire cause - Unintentional. Hot vehicle exhaust particulate from a passing car ignited the vegetation.


The Hill Fire started June 26, 2017 and burned 1,598 acres as well as destroyed four homes. The Tower Fire started July 7, 2017 and burned 68 acres. The Stone Fire started July 9, 2017 and burned 340 acres. One home was destroyed and six outbuildings were burned down.

The Spring Fire started on July 11, 2017 and burned approximately 15 acres. There was a total of five fires along U.S. Highway 101 from Atascadero to San Miguel.

Cal Fire reminds the community that motorists are responsible for many wildfires along the roadways and nearly all of these fires are preventable. They advise residents to check their vehicles before driving them to ensure there are no mechanical issues, no dragging chains, and that tires are properly inflated.

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