Pismo Beach Police community meeting on school safety

Chief gives presentation at Shell Beach Elementary

Pismo Beach Police host community meeting on school safety

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Parents, faculty and staff at Shell Beach Elementary School were given an update on what Pismo Beach Police are doing to keep students and the campus safe in the event of any security threat.

Police Chief Jake Miller gave the presentation Monday night inside the school's multi-purpose room and told the handful of people who showed up his department trains and prepares to respond to any security threat at the city's two public school campuses in minutes.

"I think that concern is always there", Chief Miller said, "we have great support from our community and I think that's what these talks are about, to let them know that trust is put in a good place, that we are thinking, we are training on this and we are preparing for if this incident were to come to our jurisdiction."

A reassuring message to concerned parents at a time when school safety is on their minds.

"It was good to find out that they (police) are supposed to come in unlike in Florida where the officers didn't immediately respond", said parent Kyle Hayes who attended the community meeting, "at least knowing that they're local, they're police officers and if they're going to be running in that's all you can ask for."

"I feel better knowing that they have a fast response time, obviously there's other things we need to do as a school as far as trying to make our school a little bit safer", Hayes added, "I mean I don't want to see metal detectors and armed guards and 50 teachers armed, I just don't want to live in that kind of world."

Pismo Beach Police are also rolling out their new mobile phone app and are encouraging everyone in the community to download it, register and use it as a main source of important information to the department.

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