Parents and students on alert after shooting threat in Oxnard

Parents and students on alert after threat at Oxnard school

OXNARD, Calif. - Parents and students are on high alert following a social media threat at the Fremont Academy in Oxnard.

Parents received a voicemail Wednesday night saying in part, “Students allegedly made a threat to harm others.”

“There was potential versions of a possible shooting and there were other things targeted at specific students or the school in general,” said Oxnard School District Superintendent, Cesar Morales.

The district says four students were tied to the threat, which was posted on social media.

“They were immediately contacted, their homes were visited, and Oxnard Police went through there threat assessment and determination to make sure that a threat couldn’t be carried out,” said Morales.  

The district says the threat was investigated and is not credible, but after school shootings, like the one in Parkland, Florida, Morales says these kinds of threats tend to increase.

“There is a spike in threats or even jokes about what has occurred and there are consequences and repercussions,” said Morales.

 A mother of a Freemont student tells NewsChannel 3 she was scared to send her children to school.

"We just had a shooting in Florida, that is the main thing that is in my head,” said Ophemia Maheno. “Like, is my kid going to get shot? Is someone else going to get hurt today? Like, what is going to happen?"

The Oxnard Police Department was on campus this morning to make sure all students and staff felt safe.

The investigation has now shifted to find out how these rumors or threats originated.

 “We’re going to respond seriously and swiftly to any one of these claims,” said Morales.

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