Orcutt dad searching for driver who hit his daughter while she biked to school

Orcutt dad searching for driver who...

ORCUTT, Calif. - It's not often 14-year-old Kendall Broug rides her bike to school -- maybe two or three times a month. So when her father got a text message a car had hit her Wednesday morning, he panicked.

"I called her and said what's going on and she said a guy basically rolled through the stoplight and didn't see her and hit the back tire of her bike," her dad Corey tells us. 

Brough says while Kendall is okay, he's angry the driver took off.

His daughter says the man was driving a small, white sedan, looked at her and kept on going. 

"There wasn't really any significant damage done. If he would've even so much of been like "Oh man, I didn't see you, the sun was in my eyes - I'm sorry," anything like that - it would have never been an issue," Brough explains. 

He believes it's unlikely that the cameras on the stoplights for Clark Avenue picked up the accident happening so he's turned to social media for help. 

So far his Facebook post has received more than 200 shares.

"I think where it was the most disheartening was that we live in a small community, [after] especially seeing the outpouring of support with the Facebook post, that somebody in this community would do something like that," Brough says. 

The CHP and the SBC Sheriff's Office are looking into this hit and run. 

Brough hopes this serves as a reminder for drivers to always look out for people on bikes.

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