Newer and safer sidewalks coming to portion of Old Town Goleta

The project is expected to begin early September

Newer and safer sidewalks coming to...

GOLETA, Calif. - The city of Goleta has several improvement projects planned for 2017 to make the Old Town area safer for everyone.

The city is planning to start a six week project to replace and fix the sidewalks on Magnolia Avenue from Hollister Avenue to Gaviota Street. 

"We really just want to create better access for pedestrians along this stretch of the road," said Valerie Jushnerov, the City of Goleta's community relations manager."

Currently, there is a gap in the sidewalk along the east side of Magnolia Avenue just south of Hollister Avenue for approximately 140 feet making it difficult for pedestrians traveling by foot or by wheelchair. The Magnolia Avenue Sidewalk Infill Project will fill the sidewalk gap with new sidewalk to provide continuous accessibility and increase safety for pedestrians. 

According to the project plan information page, the project will also replace deteriorated sidewalk on the west side as well as driveway apron and ADA access ramps.

"While this is one street that is being addressed, we have a larger Old Town sidewalk improvement project that we're currently that we're currently getting public input to address other streets within Old Town," said Kushnerov. 

The project is still in its planning stages. The city will discuss more about the project during a meeting on August 15. 

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