Neighbors have localized red flag response plans

Signs have gone up on their Santa Barbara streets

Red flag warning signs are up in one neighborhood with a strong readiness plan. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Residents in one Santa Barbara neighborhood have a  localized response to a red flag warning.

That alert is sent out by the National Weather Service and local fire departments.

The Eucalyptus Hill Homeowners Association is constantly reviewing its emergency preparedness plan. It includes red flag alert signs that are positioned in various areas and put out when the warning is issues.

The signs have gone up this evening and will be in place until the red flag conditions are over Saturday morning.

John Ahlman a former Santa Barbara City Fire Battalion Chief lives in the area . He says, " up here each block captain has a number of people to contact by phone or by radio. It's like a phone tree.  The people,  say on Cedar lane, walk the street checking in."

Ahlman says if the phones go out, either landline or cell towers, they have portable radios that they use to communicate with each block captain for emergency messages.

Nearby, at the Botanic Gardens, under red flag conditions the site is closed off to help reduce any issues with an evacuation.  It will be closed Friday.

Along Tunnel Road, red flag warnings bring new rules.  Parking is not allowed where the red flag signs are posted. Cars that are there will be ticketed and towed.  This is a popular area for hikers who use the nearby trails.

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