Mid-State Fair goers advised to exercise caution to avoid phony tickets

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - When it comes to phony tickets California Mid State Fair officials say there is no tolerance, you simply won’t get in.

They want to make sure people are buying their tickets from trusted sights so come concert day they aren’t turned away.

With tickets in hand, Hannah Oitzman and her friends are ready to see John Mayer. 

"Yeah, I’m excited,” she said. 

When it came down to buying her tickets she did her research.

"I wouldn’t buy tickets from a website I hadn’t heard about before,” she added. 

She says while prices can look promising on second party websites it’s best not to trust them.

"I got tickets from the Paso Robles Mid State Fair website,” she said. 

Mid State Fair coordinators say they’ve already seen a number of phony tickets.

"Anytime you buy from a second party from your best friend to Craigslist you run a risk of them not being valid,” said Tom Keffury, with the fair. 

Keffury says the only valid tickets come from their seller, at their box office or Ticketmaster if you bought tickets to see Garth Brooks.

The Chumash arena is the stage where hundreds of John Mayer fans will fill the stands Monday night.

"Scalping is a nationwide problem not just an issue here in Paso Robles for our fair and our concerts,” said Keffury. 

In order to get into the concert, there is a bar scan that checks your tickets. If they aren’t valid you aren’t getting in.

"When you get into a sell out situation the demand exceeds the supply and simple economics tells you people will try to make a buck,” he adds.

He says they expect to see even more phony tickets for the second week of concerts. 

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