Lompoc speed limits changing in some areas

Speed limits in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - Speed limits in some areas of Lompoc are changing.  The city has been working to resurvey 12 different streets and intersections to see if the speed limits should be increased, reduced or stay the same.  

When it comes to some drivers in Lompoc, "they drive pretty crazy," says Robin Valdez. She says they can sometimes go too fast.  

"Lompoc has grown, I grew up here, and it has grown and the times have changed," says Valdez. 

She says although speed limits are posted clearly for drivers to see not everyone follows the rules. 

"People want to get from 'a' to 'b' to 'c' and some of the speed limits are okay, some are too high for places," she says. 

As part of making things safer for people who live and commute in the area city officials took a closer look at speed zones.

"The goal is to establish reasonable and effective speed zones to keep them safe and reduce injuries and collisions," says Kevin McCune, Public Works Director in Lompoc. 

He says this is all part of the city's overall safety program. 

Every five years or so they pick certain streets and intersections to see if speed limits should be reduced, increased or stay the same. 

This year they surveyed 12 different streets and intersections.  Some include Central Avenue from O to H street and Cypress Avenue from A to Third Street. 

"We go out there with a radar gun and we'll take a reading of a period of time at the cars and see what speeds they are driving at," says McCune. 

City officials say after their survey areas like those along Central Avenue from O to H Street will remain the same at 45 miles per hour. 

Changes will happen at Laurel Avenue from O to H street the speed limit will go from 30 to 35 miles an hour. People in the area who didn't want to go on camera say the increase in speed could make it more dangerous. 

McCune says other streets surveyed like Cypress from H to A Street will be staying the same at 30 miles an hour. 

"It means that our speed limits established are effective and reasonable today," he says. 

The Lompoc City Council has approved this ordinance. On Tuesday night, they will be discussing it again for a second reading. 

"To me, I think it's safer for everyone, in the long run, to just go slower," says Valdez.

Another change drivers will see is on Olive Avenue between Bailey and U Street there will be signs that now read 40 miles an hour. Before the survey, there was not a speed limit along the area.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting, it starts Tuesday night at 6:30 at City Hall in Lompoc.  

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