Lompoc Police unveil new armored truck to help protect officers in emergencies

New armored vehicle helps to protect...

LOMPOC, Calif. - Made in Detroit and straight from the 'Big Apple' Lompoc Police have a new tool to help keep officers safe. 

A new armored rescue vehicle will help officers load up in a truck when they can't be on foot.

"The police department was in high need for a vehicle like this,” said Sgt. Kevin Martin, with the Lompoc Police Department. Officers said it's fully armored from top to bottom. 

The rescue vehicle is another resource officers can turn to when going out on dangerous calls.

"We can use it anywhere there is an active shooter incident or we needed to rescue someone and gun fire was in play,” said Sgt. Martin. 

From a different vantage point, officers can see what’s happening around them while protecting themselves with a shield placed on top of the truck. 

"We are not good to the public in a situation if we can’t get into them safely and deal with it,” said Sgt. Martin. 

With a price tag of just under $200,000 officers say they got financial help from a narcotics team investigation.

They say they took the money they seized and combined it with funds from the Lompoc Police Foundation.

"This is the first vehicle of its kind by this company they were able to show this off to the New York City Police Department before showing it to us," adds Sgt. Martin. 

He says a truck like this is typically used in swat operations. However, they are training all of the department’s officers to know how to use it.

"This vehicle can take high powered rounds and protect the people inside,” said Sgt. Martin. 

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