Local agencies train in active shooter scenarios at Arroyo Grande High School

Agencies participate in active...

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - If you heard loud gun shots coming from Arroyo Grande High School don't be alarmed. Local law enforcement agencies, EMS and fire crews are working on their active shooter training skills.

It’s as real as it gets. "The scenarios we set up are based on realistic events that have happened not only in California but, in our nation,” said Commander Michael Martinez, with the Arroyo Grande Police Department. 

The department is hosting this year's training. Pismo Beach and Grover Beach Police along with California State Parks Law Enforcement are working together.  

In one scenario, three active shooters at the high school try to run away as officers rush to the scene and fire back.

"It's important for the communities to know that we are here and we are training,” said Martinez. 

The training goes on all day. Agencies are presented with various scenarios and take turn re-enacting how they would respond to each one. 

Officers say situations like this can happen anywhere and at any time.

"Quite honestly on any given day this [high school] specific area can hold up to beyond 3,000 students,” said Martinez. This why they chose Arroyo Grande High School as the place best fit to train in. 

They are recreating scenes as officers, EMS, and the fire department all work together to take down suspects They are also working as a team to save people who are hurt from the mock situations. 

"This is a perishable skill it's not something we deal with on a regular basis doing this every year is critical to our training,” said Martinez. 

This is the third year agencies are doing this kind of training. They use simulated rifles, handguns and gear.

"It’s clear across our nation there is an increase in violence we want to be prepared for that,” said Martinez. 

Training will also take place at the high school on Saturday. 

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