Ladies Get Loud event returns to Santa Maria

Annual dinner raises money for C.A.L.M.

Ladies Get Loud event returns to...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The numbers may surprise you - close to 1,500 children were abused in the city of Santa Maria during 2016, that's almost four children every 24 hours. 

One organization that helps children and families get back on track after these traumatic experiences is C.A.L.M or Child Abuse Listening Mediation.

"I think right now in north county we're experiencing a lot of the devastating effects of children who have experienced abuse, you know we're seeing a lot of violence in our community right now and all kinda wondering how we can prevent that violence," says Sandra Fuhring, Development Associate of C.A.L.M.

One way the organization plans on preventing violence is by raising money for their organization with a unique dinner at the Santa Maria Country Club. 

The event called "Ladies Get Loud" is a  ladies only dinner sponsored in part by two businesses in Santa Maria that typically compete with one another.

"SESLOC's roots are in education, the credit union was started by educators. We would love to support any organization that's helping kids learn and if they have issues with food, shelter or an unsafe environment, that detracts from education and from kids being able to learn," explains Jeri Lachance, CEO of SESLOC Federal Credit Union. 

"It's going to be exciting - if we can help kids in the community be safe and avoid child abuse that's going to mean a lot," says Jeff York, CEO of Coasthills Credit Union.

Now organizers are looking for more people to buy tickets for the dinner; more people in the seats means more money raised for C.A.L.M.

One of the best parts about the event is that there is an all male serving staff to go alongside the over 200 women that will be participating. In fact, the men you see on KCOY every day will be waiting on the ladies as well.

So many different parts of the community coming together, all to raise awareness for something that's typically in the shadows.

"There's no room for competition when the health and safety and lives of the children in our community are at risk and so it's really exciting that businesses that are technically competitors are coming together to also prevent that in our community," Fuhring says. 

To purchase tickets to the event, click here

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