Isla Vista safety and security at the center of town hall meeting

Public comments part of an improvement plan

Isla Vista safety and security issues...

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Safety and security in Isla Vista are at the center of a town hall meeting with the new Community Services District Tuesday night.

Public input is part of the outreach.  Law enforcement representatives are also attending. 

There's a $200-thousand contribution from UC Santa Barbara to the new district budget.  That will be used, in part for various Isla Vista projects, including more safety programs.

After some troublesome years, many students say they feel better about living in I.V. with only occasional security issues, and crimes.

Student Guy Singer welcomes the changes to Isla Vista especially in the area of safety saying, "it's about time somebody steps in, it's been a long time coming."

Another resident  Zinkler says she has been able to avoid dangerous hot spots and says "I feel safe here.  Everything they have done here is really good. 99 percent of the people in Isla Vista are great. You have  nothing to worry about."

Members of the district board say they are hoping to see more pride in Isla Vista and more responsibility from those living there.   Besides thousands of students, the densely populated community also has long term residents, mainly families, and a business community that has made a serious investment in the area.

Board member  Spencer Brandt said, "we really have seen students taking responsibility for the behavior or the community so we don't dip back into the dark times of 2014."

Some of the suggestions for safety improvements include more lighting, more community service officers, and a special investigator for sexual assaults and hate crimes.






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