Greater police presence for back to school in the Lucia Mar District

Officers enforcing traffic safety in school zones

Greater police presence for back to school in Lucia Mar District

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Its a busy Thursday morning for law enforcement agencies in the Lucia Mar School District as thousands of students go back to school in southern San Luis Obispo County.

That includes the Pismo Beach Police Department as it deploys officers to school sites in the city to enforce traffic safety laws and ensure the kids are going back in a safe and orderly manner.

"Especially for the first day of school its going to be really congested", said Pismo Beach Police Sgt. Kyle White, "we'd like to remind people to give yourself a little extra time, especially if you're going to the school and dropping off kids, allow ample time."

Pismo Beach Police will again be handing out flyers on the first day of school to remind motorists the speed limit is 25 miles an hour in school zones when children are present.

"Basically it gives us a chance to be out with the community and remind them that the children are here and we are out there and it gives them an opportunity to interact with us", Sgt. White said, "as well as the kids walking by, we're out there with them and they see that we are there, it really emphasizes that its the first day of school and our presence is there."

The public is urged to also be on the lookout for school buses and kids crossing the street at school sites.

"All throughout the city the school buses will be picking up students", White said, "remember when the red lights are flashing and the stop signs on the buses are out, to stop for them because kids are present and be aware that they could be crossing the streets as in front of the school buses and it is a violation to run that stop sign as well."

Fines for traffic violations in school zones can be in the hundreds of dollars.

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