Great white shark spotted off Ventura Pier

VENTURA, Calif. - A shark sighting advisory has been posted on a Ventura beach after a Great White shark was spotted over the weekend.

“My first thought was I wonder what kind of shark it is and how close is it,” said Sara Petrosillo, who was visiting the beach with her family.

Sunday around 3 p.m. several witnesses called in to report a shark sighting about 100 yards off the Ventura shore.

“On of the witnesses had photographic evidence which made it a creditable report,” said Tyson Butzke, State Parks Ranger for the Channel Coast District.

People described the shark as 6 feet which would most likely be a very young shark. There was no reports of the shark acting aggressively.

This is just one of many shark sightings up and down the coast including a great white shark spotted at the Santa Barbara Harbor.
Down south near Orange County people are seeing sighting daily and now parents are hesitant to enroll their kids in Junior lifeguard programs.

“We’ve had sister programs down in Southern California and San Clemente area where they have had shark activity see a slight decrease in some of the numbers," said Butzke. "But they follow the same protocol and the main goal is to keep the kids safe and run the program to the best of our ability.”

Ventura hasn’t seen a decrease in their enrollment. They assure parents that lifeguards are on sight constantly  monitoring the waters to keep their children safe.

“Part of the junior lifeguard programs mission is to enhance their ability for water safety," said Butzke. "And we want them to understand that this is part of the ocean.”

Shark advisories were taken down in Ventura by 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.


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