Fallout shelters from the 1960's found in Santa Barbara

Some in public buildings, some in private homes

Fallout shelters from the 1960's are being remembered as current bombing threats escalate. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The fallout shelters during the early 1960's have been relocated in some areas of Santa Barbara including the landmark Courthouse, which still has a sign up.

Other sites include the Museum of Art, the Granada Theater and the Historical Museum.

Michael Redmon, a museum historian says the shelters in private homes were designed to be nine feet wide and 12 feet long.  He said families would have to plan to be there for about two weeks after a nuclear attack.

Public buildings were estimated to have space for about 2000 people.

Redmon says the historical museum has an underground shelter room that has furniture and art works in the storage area.   They did find some of the old signs that were still in storage.

These days fallout shelters that still remain are being used for personal storage such as wine collections.

Newspaper clippings from around 1963 showed shelter sites including 1020 Cima Linda Lane, 1151 Bolero Drive, 1126 Del Mar and 1570 Alameda Padre Serra.


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