Emergency crews rescue dehydrated dog on Tunnel Trail in Santa Barbara County

Dehydrated dog rescued from Tunnel...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Emergency crews rescued a dehydrated dog and its owner along Tunnel Trail on Thursday afternoon.

Hiker Jesse Williams called 911 after the dog's owner and her friend asked him for water along the trail.

He had forgotten to bring water.

He decided to run two miles down the trail to get help.

The dog owner's friend Linda Manzer, of Thousand Oaks, followed him.

Manzer said she had been training for an Ironman Triathlon.

She was relieved to see her friend and Indy arrive at the bottom of the trail in an air conditioned fire department pickup truck.

After the successful rescue, the parking area near the trial head was closed due to a Red Flag Warning.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden on Mission Canyon posted a closed sign, too.

The warning is a reminder of high fire danger.

Fire crews would like to keep the roads clear in case there is a fire that leads to an emergency evacuation.



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