Crews cutting back post-rain growth along Goleta bike path

Bike path connects neighborhoods to beach areas

Weed clearing on a Goleta bike path...

GOLETA VALLEY, Calif. - Tall grasses are being mowed down along a popular bike trail in the Goleta Valley that the county says is like a freeway for riders some days.

A heavy duty tractor with an extension arm and a mowing mechanism is leveling a swath about six feet on each side of the Maria Ygnacio Route.

Santa Barbara County Transportation Deputy Director Chris Sneddon says the heavy rains made the grasses "pop" and already some are about four feet tall.  He says they will likely have to go through the area again before summer to keep the growth down and back.   

Riders are going through the area seven days a week at all hours.  "That bike path is far and away the most used bike path. It's almost like the 101 freeway of bike paths.   We really try to keep it as clear as possible," said Sneddon. 

Without this work, riders could see the route shrouded and reduced.   It's a shared space for higher speed riders, and casual family riders with small children.

This afternoon bike rider,  Jim  Doohan watched the work and said, "I think this year it was important. In the past five years it was not an issue. (due to the drought.)   Everything is going to be big."

The bike path connects full residential areas with Goleta Beach and UC Santa Barbara.

NewsChannel 3 Senior Reporter John Palminteri will have a full report tonight at 5 and 6. Check back after the newscasts for additional content and information.


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