Camarillo man creates safety app to use in an emergency

'Guardian' available for iOS download now

Camarillo man creates safety app to use in an emergency

CAMARILLO, Calif. - The Thomas Fire, flooding and mudflows in Montecito and recent mass shootings inspired a Camarillo man to create an app that moves with you so that you can be alerted to a dangerous situation.

Dave Compton created Guardian, an app that uses crowdsourcing so users can share potential danger. 

“When tragic things happen, like in Florida, we feel helpless,” said Compton. “This is something where we band together and we look out for each other's backs.”

Compton saw the need to create Guardian after he left Las Vegas just hours before the mass shooting at a country music festival. 

“We returned home and immediately found out what we, in essence, had dodged it,” said Compton. “At that point, I knew that there was a way to have people to communicate in a confined space. “

Compared to other emergency alert systems, Guardian is driven by GPS, so it can alert you anywhere.
“We set out to build Guardian, which would alert people as they move, so when they are at work or when they are at home, when they are shopping anywhere they are,” said Compton. “Much similar to how Waze works for traffic, Guardian works for safety.”

Compton says this is not a remedy for 911 and Guardian should be used after an emergency is reported to authorities.

Guardian is in the app store now and an Android version will be out in the next few weeks.

To download Guardian, visit

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