Actor Jeff Bridges recounts aerial rescue from Montecito mudflow disaster

His house "shook like an earthquake."

MONTECITO, Calif. - It wasn't a movie scene but it had the makings for one, and actor Jeff Bridges was right in the middle of it during the Montecito mudflow disaster.  

Bridges was home in the days prior to the tragedy, doing some preparations including sandbagging. "(We) prepared for a flood, but that wasn't efficient."

He did an interview with the California  Office of Emergency Services while thanking a Cal Fire crew at his home.

Bridges first heard the sound of heavy rain and boulder displacement about 3:30 a.m. on January 9 and said, "The house started to shake like an earthquake and then I heard my wife screaming and coming out of the bedroom holding our dog."  Bridges looked at the mud on his property and said "then the plume - here comes the mud."

They ran to the one dry spot in their front yard.

Eventually the Ventura County Air Unit spotted the Bridges and began an air rescue via a hoist.

His wife Susan and dog went up first.

Bridges is a longtime local resident and said the rescue, "reminded me of doing stunts in movies."

His SUV was found a few houses away.  Mud was up to the windows.

Even with the disasterous situation, the loss of what is expected to be 23 lives Bridges reflects by saying,  "It really has caused a lot of love to bloom." 

The report can be viewed here :

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