Safety tips from CHP on how to navigate the storm

Safety tips from CHP on how to navigate the storm

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - This latest weather system has everyone on high alert.  As folks heed evacuation orders, California Highway Patrol Officers have some safety tips to help you navigate the storm. 


“They’re wet, super wet,” said Adam Klingler.  Klingler and his girlfriend were traveling back to Cal Poly from Los Angeles.  They were making a pit stop at an Orcutt gas station. 


Despite the dreary conditions, Adam Klingler is navigating the wet roads thanks to his pickup truck.


“I feel pretty comfortable in the rain,” said Klingler. 


But for those without the added security of four wheel drive, the heavy precipitation can be daunting. 


“The gutter was rising up and I thought oh my, then I start thinking about Montecito,” said Robert Evans, describing how water was collecting quickly around his mobile home community.


Evans was also shook up from a collision that had taken place just before 8:00 p.m. along Clarke Avenue. 


Thankfully, both drivers walked away injury free but as the rain intensifies, so is the need to be weather aware. 


“Definitely need to drive slower, just because the speed limit is 65 on the freeway or 35 on a surface street, doesn’t mean that’s the safe speed to drive. So make sure you’re driving slowly, know that it’s going to take you longer to break.  Know that the friction on the road is going to be different,” said California Highway Patrol. 


Another tip from CHP, keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. 


“Like in normal weather, you have to be a defensive driver.  In rainy, snowy, inclement weather, you have to be a genius,” said Evans. 


With no hopes of drying out until Thursday, CHP Officers say you just can’t drive like you normally would. 

“There’s more oil on the roads, there’s just more things to take into consideration.  People aren’t used to driving on the wet surfaces so they tend to drive the way they do when it’s dry.  and that can result in accidents,” said California Highway Patrol. 

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