Many of you may have enjoyed the day off for Presidents' Day but it's also important to remember the reason behind it.

The holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February.

It was established back in 1885 to honor our nations first president, George Washington, originally falling on his birthday February 22.

But it was changed in 1971 by Congress to include President Abraham Lincoln's birthday and also to provide the nation's workers with an increase in three-day weekends.

Today, the holiday is popularly known to many as a day to celebrate all United States presidents and what our nation's leaders have accomplished.    

"It's a remembrance of where we came from, all the things, the sacrifices people have made," said Navy Veteran Kevin Baughman.

In 1932, Washington's 200th birthday, the date was used to reinstate the Purple Heart.

Washington created it to recognize soldiers injured or killed while fighting for our country.