Refugio creek and Santa Ynez River rage with runoff water closing some of the crossings

Some residents were unable to get home or get out

Refugio creek rages with runoff rain...

REFUGIO, Calif. - Refugio road from Highway 101 towards the mountains had serious problems due to flooding from the power Pacific storm.

That kept some residents from getting out and prevented others from getting in.   Bob Hazard was in his car watching the water flow and trying to make a plan to get home.  He told NewsChannel 3 he would wait for the water to subside and possible walk over the creek and then go five miles home.  Hazard was also hoping for a ride from his son in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The Santa Ynez River over the San Marcos Pass was also alive with water after years of drought. It flows into Cachuma Lake and this is the strongest water flow most people can remember since 2011.

 That flow is expected to increase this weekend when the river gets more rain on Sunday.

Full rainfall totals and the elevation level changes at Cachuma will come on Monday.

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