Rain-swollen Atascadero Creek threatens home

Powerful storm runoff eroding creek banks

Rain-swollen Atascadero Creek threatens home

ATASCADERO, Calif. - An Atascadero couple has been forced to evacuate their home threatened by the rain-swollen Atascadero Creek.

Its been a long time since the Atascadero Creek has run as fast and heavy as it now after weeks of steady rain with more on the way.

"This next storm is expected to be worse than the one that already hit us, so my house is gone", says homeowner John Shaydak.

Shaydak and his wife were ordered to evacuate their home of more than 45 years that sits on level ground and is now on the edge of the eroding creek bank behind it.

"With the loss of the banks and everything like that it has to start settling and that means the end of my home", Shaydak says, "whether or not the home flips in there or not, its going to settle and can ruin it."

Shaydak's home is the only one red-tagged for evacuation so far in his neighborhood along Capistrano Way and Ensenada Way.

Shaydak says he's witnessed local efforts to divert the creek to prevent erosion only to see the possibility of his dream home washed away.

The City of Atascadero says the creek banks have slowly eroded over several years.

"If you the change the flow of a water course its a violation of federal EPA regulations", Shaydak says, "we've done everything we can to protect this place, be good stewards of this land, because we had a little piece of California and it looked beautiful, and it was ours, now its all gone."

The Shaydak's are being provided temporary housing at a local hotel courtesy of the Red Cross.

Family members have established a GoFundMe page to help raise money to permanently relocate the Shaydak's.

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