Proposed national gas tax could raise prices in CA 85 cents

Five cents would be added on a year for five years

Proposed national gas tax could raise prices in CA 85 cents

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - For Santa Maria driver Maritza Escobar paying for gas for her car has already been on the rise.

"Usually it should take $30 to fill it up, but lately it's been going higher - it's been like $40 or $45. 

And now that amount could go up even more. In a new proposed national gas tax plan, the gas tax would potentially go up five cents a year for the next five years.

Add that to the tax that was recently passed in California - that means an 85 cent increase overall. 

"It makes more angry because why am I supposed to pay more?," Escobar questioned. 

The goal of this increase is to help accumulate funds for President Trump's $200 billion infrastructure plan.

This would be the first time the national gas tax was raised in 25 years. Some lawmakers say this plan isn't viable however, as more people start purchasing electric cars. 

"We’re going to need to have a different funding source in addition to a continuation of the current.  Can we raise it a few pennies? Yes we can, its been discussed, there are ways it can be done to keep up with inflation.  There’s a proposal that’s been put forward by democrats to do that. But we’re also going to need to find a way to recognize that there is an electric car coming," said Congressman John Garamend (D-Walnut Grove).

While it may seem like here in California we'll be hit the hardest, it's actually drivers in Pennsylvania who could be impacted more. 

A 2017 study shows drivers there are taxed eight cents more than Californians. 

All of this worrying could be for nothing however. While the president did show interest in the increase, some lawmakers think Trump could change his mind on the issue. 

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