Preventing unwanted kittens: How to 'Beat the Heat' this September

$30 to spay or neuter cats this month in SBC

Preventing unwanted kittens How to...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - When it comes to unaltered feral cats in Santa Maria and Guadalupe, Santa Barbara County Animal Services says they're not hard to find. 

"Anywhere you drop a pin - you're gonna find a cluster of cats," Stacy Silva, Community Outreach Coordinator for Santa Barbara County Animal Services. 

That's been the experience for Guadalupe resident Jose Morales who lives off of Birch Street - the street Animal Services says is one of the worst when it comes to this problem.

"[The cats] have kittens and they go all over the neighborhood and they bother me because they come and do their business on my front lawn and I don't like it at all," Morales says. 

While they might look cute, a cluster of feral cats can be problematic. 

"When those colonies are unmanaged - when those cats aren't spayed and neutered, they're more likely to have issues - there's more likely to be disease outbreaks, there's more likely to be fights within the cat colony," Silva explains. 

One way to fight back against this growing population is by taking part in the Responsible Pet Ownership Alliance's Beat the Heat promotion, a low cost spay and neutering program for Santa Barbara County residents in the month of September.

"It is $30 to spay and neuter your cats - that includes a rabies vaccine and it's a first come first serve deal.. You just need to call and make an appointment," Silva says. 

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