The deep-sea Port of Hueneme set a revenue record during the fiscal year 2013.

Gross revenue totaled $13.4 million, an increase of more than 10 percent compared with the last fiscal year.

Port leader said bananas deserve some of the credit.

Banana imports rose a historic 5.7 percent.

Commissioner President, Jason Hodge, said "The numbers tell a very positive story about the Port's financial performance and show our commitment to fiscal responsibility."

Port CEO Kristin Decas and CFO Andrew Palomares submitted the auditor's report to the Port's Board of Harbor Commissioners Monday.

Decas said, "The increases in revenue at this time are vital to replenishing our working capital reserves that have been depleted from the investment in major capital projects, including the installation of Shoreside Power."

The port received an excellence in financial reporting award for breaking down the numbers.

The port's financial report is available at <http://www.portofhueneme.org>.