United Farm Workers host weekend march in Oxnard

Children of farm workers take part

Cesar Chavez/ Resist Trump march held...

OXNARD, Calif. - United Farm Workers invited people to join in a Cesar Chavez/Resist Trump march in Oxnard on Sunday morning.

Hundreds of people met at the Cesar Chavez bust in La Colonia where Chavez spent some of his childhood at a home near the corner of Cooper and Garfield Streets.

Some people carried a big banner that said "We Feed You."

Maria Elena Cavalo said she wanted to pay respect to farm workers who work hard in the fields each day.

She said her parents and grandparents worked in fields in other parts of California. Raul Lopez said he was a child of farm workers too. Many people are upset about deportations.

Some participants believe undocumented farm workers should be able to stay and work on the farms where many have worked for years.

Other groups including Filipino Americans joined the march. Aztec dancers and musicians led the way. They moved slowly towards Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard where they held a rally.

 John Cummings from Indivisible Conjeo said he wanted to support the organizers in their resistance.

He also wanted to honor Cesar Chavez.

The labor leader would have turned 90 on Friday, March 31.

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