Proposed bill would prohibit sale of 'Whippits'

Nitrous oxide canisters can be used to get "high"

Proposed bill would prohibit sale of...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Legislation has advanced in the state capitol that would bar smoke shops and head shops from selling any nitrous oxide products.

Nitrous oxide is often sold in small canisters, which users then inhale to get “high”. 

Two years ago, Deane Bowers was offered nitrous oxide while hanging out at Waller Park in Orcutt.

"Yea one of my friends just had it in his backpack, said screw it, might as well try it, but not again," Santa Maria resident Deane Bowers said. 

Bowers says getting high on that stuff once, was enough for him to never try it again.

"Just got a light headedness and I felt faint afterwards, it's not enjoyable, not a good idea," Bowers said. 

Proponents of the bill say selling such products at smoke shops can give young people the impression that inhaling nitrous oxide gas is safe.

The gas is also known as hippy crack, noz and of course "whippits" and is popular at music festivals.

"You can walk your dog, for me that's what I do for fun, or go to work, be responsible, pay your own freaking bills, you're wasting your time with that, sitting on the couch getting all light headed, you're not doing anything, you're not being productive," Bowers said. 

KCOY 12 reached out to the smoke shops in Santa Maria but they declined to talk on camera.

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