Former actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. jumping into politics and running for Congress

Former actor Antonio Sabato Jr...

OXNARD, Calif. - Dozens packed the Thomas Café in Oxnard Wednesday morning to listen to actor Antonio Sabato Jr. speak.

“The people deserve better, my farmers deserve better, my Latino community deserves better, my police officers deserve better,” said Sabato Jr. “Just overall I’m fighting from left and right to make sure we get someone in office who is going to be available and get the job done.”

The candidate took tough questions, especially about gun control after a tweet where he talked about removing gun laws.

He made his name in tv and film, but now Sabato, Jr. is turning his eye to politics. The actor is trying to unseat Democrat Julia Brownley in Ventura County's 26th Congressional District.

During his speech, Sabato Jr. said many shootings can be tied to mental health.

“I think the human problems that we have nowadays as a society and a country is a bigger issue,” said Sabato Jr. He also spoke on immigration and expanding the economy in Ventura County.

“I don’t come in with a perfect plan like most of the politicians and they get nothing done,” said Sabato Jr. “I asked the farmers what they needed, they told me. I asked what the police officers need and they told me. We have a plan to help everyone so this is important not only for my community but for the rest of the country.”

Some are worried Sabato Jr. exhibits similar rhetoric to President Trump.

“I am very concerned about the divisive rhetoric that Donald Trump speaks and that Antonio Sabato Junior repeats,” said Camarillo resident, Marisa Lopez.

Supporters find Sabato Jr. a refreshing face in the local political scene.

“I thought he presents well and he has a lot of passion,” said supporter, Elizabeth White. “I think he loves his community. You can see that coming from him and some of the things he was saying. I look forward to him getting to know us a little bit more.”

Sabato Jr. is well known for his roles on the soap opera General Hospital and modeling for Calvin Klein.

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