Cathy Murillo projected to become Santa Barbara's first Latina mayor

Murillo: "Positive campaign got positive results"

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Mayoral candidate Cathy Murillo walked into her election night party with a big smile on her face.

Murillo knew she was in the lead and in reach of becoming Santa Barbara's first Latina Mayor.

"I ran a positive campaign and got a positive result," said Murillo.

She said negative campaign ads, paid for by others, didn't steal her optimism.

Some of her volunteers and supporters said they could relate to her answers in a televised mayoral forum.

Murillo said she rents her home and earns less than $50,000 a year as a Santa Barbara City Council member.

She congratulated other projected winners including Gregg Hart and Eric Friedman. They are expected to be seated on Santa Barbara's most progressive city council to date.

Murillo said she wants to be everybody's mayor and get things done.

During her victory speech at Casa Blanca restaurant, Murillo thanked her countless volunteers and her sisters for joining in the celebration.

She said her grandmother would encourage young neighbors to register to vote as soon as they turned 18.

Election Day winners are scheduled to will be sworn in on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

View full election results http://www.keyt.com/local-election

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