" I heart Planned Parenthood" show of support held in Carpinteria on Valentine's Day

People in Carpinteria show their love...

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Dozens of people lined Linden Avenue in Carpinteria on Valentine's Day to show their love for Planned Parenthood.

Carpinteria doesn't have a Planned Parenthood clinic, but organizers said they wanted to show support for the clinic in Santa Barbara.

Some of the demonstrators were high school students holding signs that looked like Valentines.

Daryanna Lancet said she wanted her Valentine sign to include comments that are hard to argue with.

Odessa Stork said she was glad to see people of all ages take part in the demonstration.

Other signs said "Our rights are not up for grabs," and "We heart Planned Parenthood."

A woman wearing a so-called pussy hat sat holding a sign that said, "Planned Parenthood Saves Lives."

Only one opponent stood across the street from the group. She held a sign that said, "Peace in the Womb."

She did not want to be identified, but said she did not want tax dollars to pay for contraception or abortions provided by Planned Parenthood.

She also said women considering abortions should be required to get ultrasounds to help change thier minds..


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