Playground restoration efforts continue one year after disastrous mudslide

Coastal Christian School waits and watches

Playground restoration efforts continue one year after disastrous mudslide

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - A year ago, the playground at Coastal Christian School in Pismo Beach was swamped by a mudflow following heavy rain.

A year later, staff, teachers, students and volunteers have been busy making repairs..

Asphalt has been uncovered allowing games of hoops.  The jungle gym is back in use.

But all of that work is on hold for another strong storm, exactly one year later.

"Well, tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of the mudslide disaster that we experienced," said Coastal Christian Head of School Tom Olmstead.

"We made an upper basin here from where the disaster took place right behind us.  And then we restored our green playfield here for the kids," Olmstead explained as he took a reporter on a tour of the renovated school grounds.

The new play field was completed just two weeks ago.

6th grade student Amelia Leighton hopes to enjoy running and laying in the grass.  "Pavement isn't as comfortable," she said.

Renovations have led to challenges for the school.  A planned new gymnasium is on hold because of all the money spent on playground repairs.  For now, all student activities must be outside or in a classroom.

"We've had to postpone a lot of that effort to accommodate accomplishing some of these erosion control measures here and so if we can get our focus back on that with some help from the community members who want to partner with us, that would be much appreciated it," Olmstead said.

But first the school must wait to see how the campus weathers the current storm.

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