Pismo Beach makes emergency declaration

This is after nearly 7 inches of rain hit city

Pismo Beach makes emergency declaration

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - One is a busy interchange - the other a scenic view. These two places, Price Canyon Road and the bluffs off Ocean Boulevard are now the cause of an emergency declaration made by the city of Pismo Beach.

"We wanted to have that declaration because it puts into effect the ability to try and get state and federal funding also gives us more options to try to address the problem," explains Pismo Beach Mayor, Ed Waage.

The main root of their problem was several inches of rain over the last few weeks.

"Any time the ground has been allowed to dry out for long extended period of time often times you'll see cracks form in the ground surface," says Ben Fine, Director of Public Works for the city.

But now these cracks are growing both on the road and in the bluffs.

"The storm really accentuated them we saw some bluff failure and the whole part of the road kinda shifted over and down a little bit," Fine tells us.

The bluff scape used to be continuous but now there's a gaping hole.

With more rain on the way, the city is asking people to take it upon themselves to be prepared just in case more damage spreads throughout the Pismo area.

"Make sure you're safe. In case the power goes out, [make sure] you have batteries for your flash light. We're standing here at the Corporation Yard [off Frady Lane] where you can pick up sandbags here and have those ready in case you're in a low area where you are susceptible to flooding," says Waage.

Fine says that in order for them to receive funding from the government, the state would have to declare a state of emergency for all of San Luis Obispo County. Waage and Fine plan on meeting the rest of the cities to learn more about some of the destruction they've seen and if that declaration is warranted.

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