Pismo Beach hosts Memorial Day ceremony

Honoring those who gave all

Pismo Beach hosts Memorial Day ceremony
PISMO BEACH, Calif. - In between the sun and sand Monday at Pismo Beach was a tribute to the men and women who died serving our country. 
In the crowd were many emotional military families like the Mullins, who tell us: "It's not just another day, it's a day to reflect and remember and it's your duty - I mean you wouldn't be here unless there were guys like this (pointing to husband)."
Even some without any ties to the armed forces say this was a special moment for them.
"I had a really emotional moment with one of the World War II veterans who was seated over in the front who they were just so happy to hear from individuals who appreciate what they did and what they sacrificed and what their fellow brethren had sacrificed as well so that was just a touching moment and he broke down and so naturally I broke down and it was wonderful," says Cal Poly student Katherine Rueckert.
The ceremony's keynote speaker was Colonel Kevin Rice, a more than 20 year army veteran who helped create this event while he was City Manager of Pismo Beach. 
He says he's happy to see people respecting veterans in our country because it wasn't always this way. "Treasure this precious gift of freedom and liberty that those who fought and died in the armed forces of the United States [have] bestowed upon us," Rice says. 
So far over one million people have died fighting for our country. We thank them for their service.

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