OXNARD, Calif. -

  A website that tells you what's going on in your neighborhood is growing in popularity.

 Nextdoor.com is a free and private social network.  It helps you communicate with your neighbors and get details about crime in your neighborhood.  Nextdoor.com is currently offered in more than 450 neighborhoods in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties.

  The City of Santa Barbara and the Ventura police department started working with the website last year.

  Now the Oxnard police department has partnered with the website.

 "It's really police better serving and reaching neighbors, neighbors looking out for neighbors and neighbors working with police.  So we see this as a win-win dynamic all around. Just trying to build a better sense of community amongst neighbors," said Oxnard Police Department Community Affairs Manager, Miguel Lopez.

  If you are interested in joining your Nextdoor neighborhood website, just head over to Nextdoor.com and enter your home address.