Orcutt thrift store holding fundraiser for children of fatal car crash victim

Store donating 50 percent of sales this week

Orcutt thrift store holding...

ORCUTT, Calif. - Businesses in Orcutt continue to provide financial assistance to two families impacted by last week's fatal car crash in the community.

Last Monday, Leann Stauffer and Tricia Jensen, both 37-years-old, were killed in an early morning wreck near the intersection of Highway 135 and Orcutt Rd.

Following the crash, Ricky's House of Pizza in Orcutt announced it is holding a fundraiser on Wednesday, Feb. 15 to provide financial support to Stauffer's two daughters. 

Now, neighboring World's Best Thrift Store is also joining the cause.

"We thought what can we do here and we decided to do the fundraiser, so hopefully that will help out the kids," said Deborah Lorenz, who owns the business along with her father.

For Lorenz, the crash has had a personal impact.

"The Stauffer family lived next door to me and my family when the kids were younger and they grew up together. They went to school together and once we both moved on and separate ways, the kids stayed friends," Lorenz said.

After the crash, one of Lorenz' daughters started a fundraising campaign on gofundme. Inspired by her daughter, Lorenz wanted to do something with the four-year-old store.

"The fundraiser is for the sales of this week," Lorenz said. "Monday through Friday, we are going to give 50 percent of our sales to the kids."

Money raised through the week's sales will directly benefit Stauffer's two daughters.

"I can't imagine," Lorenz said. "I had my mom for 50 some-odd-years and to know these kids won't have their moms, it just breaks their heart."

While shopping at the store, regular customer Doug Beckman of Shell Beach said news of the accident has been upsetting.

"This is a horrible loss for that family," said Beckman.

He added he isn't surprised the owners are pitching in to help the Stauffer family.

"I think that's just an amazing thing," Beckman said. "There's not enough people who think about other people today. In our society, everybody is all about me, me, me and we need more people like this that will take care of the people in the community."

Lorenz notes the Orcutt community and surrounding area is stepping up and helping the two families, particularly the five children left behind.

I think we need to come together and help these kids out," Lorenz said. "It is heartwarming. We're a small community and small town and we should all just get together and just help each other out."

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