Orcutt residents react to standoff

Orcutt residents react to standoff

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - A Santa Maria woman is behind bars and an Orcutt neighborhood is trying to shake the chaos that ensued after a high speed chase led to a six-hour standoff Tuesday.

The woman who kept authorities at bay was well known to the Santa Maria Police Department and residents we spoke with say nothing like this has ever happened in their neighborhood.

It was just another Tuesday for Robert Cadena.

"Everyone was texting me what's going on, what's going on," explains Cadena.

Cadena had a front-row seat to a nearly six-hour standoff.

"I could see the SWAT team and all that, it was pretty cool," said Cadena.

The local college student was home during the standoff, just a couple doors down from where 37-year-old Joanna Savoy was hiding out.

"I could hear these pops, probably like six or seven of them and then I guess they took the lady out," said Cadena.

One neighbor who didn't want to go on camera was so scared, she said she spent the night hunched over in her kitchen clutching a baseball bat.

However, Cadena says he wasn't scared and was just taking it all in.  "It's interesting to see it firsthand because you see it on my tv shows and movies," he said.

It was quite the spectacle, involving over 30 officers.

"It's a tremendous financial burden on the law-enforcement agencies involved," said Lt. Russell Mengel, Santa Maria Police Department.

We got a look at the armored vehicles police used for their protection, since Savoy allegedly had a firearm during the pursuit, every precaution was taken.

"Threats apparently were made to not stop and perhaps a firearm would be used if in fact the individual did stop," said Lt. Mengel.

That resulted in a kidnapping and an assault with a deadly weapon charge for Savoy who ultimately was arrested after tear gas was deployed.

"We're not going to go away.  We would encourage people to consider the totality of the circumstances and you're probably best just coming out and giving up to the officers," said Lt. Mengel.

We're told that the kidnapping charge stems from what happened inside the car during the pursuit that kicked all this off.  Savoy also faces two outstanding felony warrants.


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