Orcutt residents brace themselves for the rain

Orcutt residents gear up for the rain

ORCUTT, Calif. - It's a sight people welcome. "I would love to have this through April," says Valerie Prancevic about the rain. 

The rain started coming down in Orcutt on Thursday afternoon and people who live in the area say they are ready for this next storm.

"We need to get sandbags and put them under the windows because the water tends to pull in the area and ruin the baseboards and ruin the dry wall," she says. 

The rain isn't stopping commuters from getting around.

For people like Don Flagg the rain is causing a different problem, one he welcomes.

"It's wonderful to see I know it brings problems, I work in construction and I actually loss some work because of the rain but it's a pleasure to lose work because of the rain" says Flagg. 

He says one of the ways people can get ready for the storm is to make sure everything with their car is working properly.

"Right before the rain I got the tires rotated and all the air checked its been all serviced," he says. 

For those who are waiting until the last minute to gear up the shelves at Oak Knolls Hardware and Home Center in Orcutt are stocked.

They say people usually buy rain gear at the start of the wet season so they are prepared. 

As for people driving in this weather and upcoming storm, "slow down don't go so fast because the roads are wet," says Flagg. 

For more information about how to prepare and get sandbags visit:

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