Onshore Oil Tax Could Go To Voters in June

Santa Barbara Supervisors getting set to make a decision in early 2014

John Palminteri, KEYT NewsChannel 3 Senior Reporter, johnp1250@aol.com
POSTED: 05:55 PM PST Dec 16, 2013    UPDATED: 07:14 PM PST Dec 16, 2013 

A proposal to put an onshore oil tax before voters could be decided early next year by Santa Barbara County Supervisors.

If it gets backing from the county, it would be in front of the voters in the June 2014 Primary election.

The plan under consideration calls for a $1.00 per barrel tax.

With the current production that could mean an additional $3.4 million each year.

The county is considering a priority list for the funds that would include parks, libraries and the fire department.

The issue comes back to the Board of Supervisors in January but has to be approved for the ballot by early February to meet specific election deadlines.

If it goes to the voters, to pass, it will need a two-thirds majority.