One UCSB student talks about his experience during the Isla Vista massacre

UCSB Student talks about his...

The community of Isla Vista is now committed to a new purpose: to be "IV Strong".

One student talks about his experience and how he was in the middle of it all during that tragic night.

Chras La Placa is a senior at UCSB. He remembers the night of the massacre vividly. He was having dinner at the Habit in Isla Vista when shots were fired. He along with others took cover under tables hiding in fear, wondering what had just happened.
"We were all getting text messages from different people saying what happened," said La Placa. "We thought it might be fireworks because we had no idea, but it quickly became evident that it was something that was way bigger than we had expected."
One of those victims was shot right in front of the I.V. Deli Market. Co-Owner Sam Awwad wasn't there the night of the shooting, but has close ties to all six victims that lost their lives on that dark day.
"I remember everyone of them because they were regular costumers," said Awwad. "They come in everyday and I knew everyone of them. It was one of the hardest times in my life that we would have to face something like this."
Even though the bullet holes are replaces and time has passed people living in this community say the tragedy is still fresh.
"Our hearts and prayers go out to the people who died here and to their families," said Awwad. "We always remember them. They are apart of us and they will stay in our hearts and prayers."
The images are still really fresh to Chras who says there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about the massacre that he survived along with others who were hiding under the tables on that night.
"I made friends when I was on lock down at the Habit and we added each other on Facebook and still on the anniversary I will probably get messages from them today just saying I'm glad we met and I hope you are still have and well," said La Placa.

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