'Odin' joins four-legged force at Sheriff's Office

Bomb sniffing dog is on Patrol with Deputy Farley

Odin, the bomb sniffing dog, joins...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office added a new four-legged friend to its staff.

Odin is the third dog working with the department and the only one trained to sniff bombs. The German Shepard will turn 3 in July and lives with Deputy Phillip Farley.

"He is a dual-purpose dog, he is trained to patrol function, he can detect a person hiding, he is also an explosives detection dog, where he is trained to sniff 16 different odors related to bombs," said Farley.

Farley is a veteran officer who recently trained for the assignment . He said Odin lives with him and has re-energized his career.

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