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Australian shoemaker brings sheep to protest Deckers in Goleta

Says Deckers is suing him over "Ugg" trademark

Ugg Protest

GOLETA, Calif. - A bizarre protest unfolded outside of Deckers Brands Global Headquarters in Goleta Sunday morning. 

An Australian shoemaker traveled to California and brought several sheep with him. The battle stems over sheepskin boots and a trademark suit.

Eddie Oygur says Deckers Brands is suing him for making "Ugg" boots, citing trademark infringement. But Oygur says "Ugg" is a generic Australian term.

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon is backing the shoemaker and traveled with him to plead the case.  

"Its a bit like a non-American company trademarking the name apple pie, then saying American's can't use the name apple pie," Xenophone said. "Its as crazy as that and that's why this is really a very big battle."

Oygur, who manufactures the boots out of Sydney, says the legal battle has been incredibly expensive.  

"They sued me," Oygur said. "It cost so much money, like $600,000, and its going to cost another $1.5 million to take it to trial."

KEYT reached out to Deckers Brands and were given a written statement that reads, in part:

"While we cannot comment on matters in litigation, we can say that Deckers is confident in its position and looks forward to presenting its case in court. "

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