Cal Poly health experts are asking students to wash their hands and practice good hygiene to prevent students from getting the norovirus.
"It's the same virus that causes big outbreaks on cruise ships," said Greg Thomas, a physician at the Cal Poly Health Services Department. "It's the same virus that causes nausea, vomiting, fever, and generally feeling lousy."
Thomas said most of the patients seen in the last week attended the Stagecoach Music Festival in Coachella Valley.

"It's quite contagious and takes very few virus particles to transmit to another person," said Thomas. "It's what we call 'fecal/oral transmission,' and that speaks to washing hands and general hygiene. It's really important to prevent spreading," he said.

Health officials on campus saw between 26 and 30 students with symptoms similar to the norovirus.

"One specimen has come back positive for norovirus," Thomas said.

County health officials said they didn't hear from from Riverside County, however, they believe that's (Coachella) where it started. Health officials at Cal Poly said the virus appears to have run its course, but students are urged to continue practicing  good hygiene.