No Furlough Days in 2014 for Santa Maria City Employees

Employees will see raise instead

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - For the first time in four years, the city of Santa Maria will not have furlough days in 2014.

The city says their 550 employees will be seeing a 3% salary raise instead.

Employees have not received a raise since 2009 and instead agreed to a furlough program in which they would not work for up to 13 days each a year.

The furlough program saved the city over a million dollars a year.

The revenue has rebounded and the city council decided it's now time to thank their employees with this raise.

A 2% raise went into effect earlier this month; employees will see another 1% next July.

The city says this doesn't mean furloughs are gone for good.

They continue to cut spending and monitor the economy.

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