New Internet Privacy Law Benefits Kids

Delete Option Now Required For Those Under 18

Ryan Carmel, NewsChannel 3 This Morning Anchor & Weathercaster,
POSTED: 01:36 PM PDT Sep 24, 2013    UPDATED: 02:22 PM PDT Sep 24, 2013 
Social media sites fight online trolls

A bill (SB 568) just signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown requires websites on which you post personal information must have a way to erase those posts, but it only applies to people under 18 years old.

Many kids have learned about the consequences of posting to sites like Facebook and Instagram the hard way.

A simple Internet search will show you just how easy it is to find hundreds of pictures of young people who appear to be drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, which is against the law.

There are  potential problems down the road, too.  An increasing number of college admissions officers search for prospective students on the Internet as part of the application review process, according to a recent Kaplan study.  Even employers screen applicants with the help of the Internet.

The new law does not cover information that's already been shared with friends on the Internet.

The law takes effect in 2015.