New housing opportunities in SLO will benefit city residents, workers

San Luis Ranch to bring over 500 homes to SLO

New housing opportunities in SLO will...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Being priced out of the area, that's the reality for many people looking for affordable housing on the Central Coast. 

"I'm planning to move out of state because I can't afford it on my one family income," says Missy Zatt, a Los Osos resident who is looking for affordable housing. 

Now there's the possibility of a new affordable housing community called the San Luis Ranch coming to San Luis Obispo.

"I think it would be a good thing for the community. There's a lot of people that work that are what you would consider to be below poverty level but they are week to week, living pay check to pay check and I think it would be good for those people that need the housing.. myself included," says Nicole Chiechi who is also looking for affordable housing. 

The San Luis Ranch development is a project that includes over 500 homes, a hotel and commercial space all while preserving half of the lands as agricultural fields.

"This project could be more affordable for its diverse housing options.. The key to that is they're proposing smaller lots and smaller homes so those do tend to be more affordable," explains Deputy Director of the city of San Luis Obispo's Community Development Department, Doug Davidson. 

The developers of this property, Coastal Community Builders, are based in Pismo Beach and wanted to ensure people who live or work in San Luis Obispo are first to get the opportunity to buy these homes.

"They are doing some home ownership programs of their own like a lottery for local residents in the community so they don't get bought up by investors and trying to really make a dent in that workforce housing," Davidson says. 

But the project still has to make its way through the San Luis Obispo City Council. "So the project is in conformance with the city's general plan, now it's more in the details along with the whole picture that the city council will be looking at on [July] Fifth," says Davidson.

The public is welcome to attend that city council meeting to share their thoughts on the project. Coastal Community Builders says they hope to break ground in early 2018.

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