New Homeowners in San Luis Obispo

POSTED: 05:58 AM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 09:50 PM PDT Sep 27, 2013 

Three families in San Luis Obispo were welcomed into their new homes on Friday morning. A ceremony was held to hand over the keys and make it official for the homeowners. 

Habitat for Humanity currently has 17 homes in the San Luis Obispo County and 18 under construction throughout the north county.

In order for families to qualify to be Habitat homeowners they go through a nine-month process. From hundreds of applicants only a handful are picked.

Once homeowners are moved in, the property is treated like another home with a 30-year fix. Each family can decide whether they want to keep the home or sell it. But there is a catch. If they sell the home it must be sold to another low-income family.